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Living the Legacy: Honor Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Through Transformative Service

Reflect for a moment on the name Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. -  a name synonymous with leadership, courage, and transformative change in the pursuit of equality. This Saturday, January 20th, you can partner with the KSU community and pay homage to his legacy at MLK Day of Service. This is your chance to pay tribute to Dr. King’s vision and legacy. Beyond the tangible improvements your efforts will bring to your community, you'll also have the opportunity to aspire for an annual award recognizing exceptional dedication and impact. Don't just remember his dream; live it!

MLK Day of Service at Kansas State University 

Join us in celebrating the powerful legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. at Kansas State University’s annual day of service on January 20th. This is a profound opportunity to touch lives and make a lasting difference in your community. As someone who has experienced the deep fulfillment of volunteering, I can personally attest to its transformative impact.

Take, my recent experience mentoring teens from challenging backgrounds. Me and my fellow mentors offered a place for open and safe conversations. From this nurturing environment grew a group profoundly transformed. I believe this experience we shared is a testament to the incredible power of community service. It’s moments like these that not only honor Dr. King’s vision but also enrich our own lives immeasurably.

So for those interested breakfast will be served at 8:30 am. If you’re unable to attend breakfast the group will be meeting at The Stanly School of Leadership at 9 am. Together, let's step into a day of service that promises not just to remember Dr. King’s dream, but to actively live it. 

Commerce Bank Wants to Award Your Service

The Commerce Bank Presidential Award for Diversity honors extraordinary contributions to diversity and community for students of color at Kansas State University. Although the application window for this year's award has closed, this moment is not an end but a beginning.

Consider this an invitation to embark on a journey of meaningful service. Use the upcoming months to enrich your service portfolio, demonstrating your passion and dedication to community betterment. When next October's application deadline approaches, let your actions speak volumes about your commitment and love for service.

Live the Legacy

This Saturday isn't just another day. It's a call to honor one of the most influential figures in the fight for equality - Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. But don’t confine your efforts to this one day. Embrace active involvement in causes close to your heart. Your continuous dedication might just see your name celebrated at the next Commerce Bank Presidential Awards ceremony. Most importantly remember don’t let Dr. King’s dream die. Let's live it, breathe it, and bring it to life every day.

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