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Promoting Equity and Wellness for Black Communities in Kansas

We are doing our part to Build Black Kansas 

Kansas is taking strides to combat health inequities, thanks to a joint effort led by the Kansas Black Leadership Council. With dedicated help from organizations like the African American Affairs Commission and Community Voice Organization, we have acquired an 'Increase Reach' Grant from the State of Kansas to work toward equitable care access across all Kansans. This joint effort is paving the way for significant progress in fighting racial disparities in healthcare.

Who we serve

The coalition of organizations is aiming to close the gap in vaccination rates among African Americans living in four counties of Kansas. Those aged between 5 and 35 are being specifically targeted, as research shows this demographic to be significantly undervaccinated against both COVID-19 and routine lifespan diseases. Community members from Shawnee, Wyandotte, Sedgwick and Johnson counties can now access these critical immunizations with ease!

Who we are

The Kansas Black Leadership Council, organized in 2015, is a statewide organization advancing meaningful change for Black or African Americans living in Kansas, while also changing historical systems that have traditionally harmed Black health, wealth and prosperity, allowing Kansans to achieve an equitable future. KBLC is a 501c3 non-profit.

Amplify Black Wellness

We partnered with Kansas-based Black TikTok Creator, Influencer, Musician and Activitist, JahVelle Rhone, @JRSaxophonic, to amplify black wellness and underscore the importance of health screenings, vaccinations and prevention.  

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What we do and how we will reach our goals


Awareness & Advocacy

Through PSAs, social/digital media, print, radio,  and in-person and online events, The Kansas Black Health Initiative will create awareness and advocate for black health disparities and solutions to bridging the gap.



Through sponsorships KBHI will support programming and events throughout the state focused on black health and promote health resources available to black Kansans including vaccinations



Through online and in-person campaigns the KBHI will collect contact information and data to keep black Kansans informed of health resources. 

Breaking the Stigma of Mental Health in the Black Community

Mental health disparities in the Black Community are real. We partnered up with The Black Entrepreneurs of the Flint Hills, Kansas black therapists and mental health advocates to bring this message to our community.

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