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Welcome to the
Kansas Black

Leadership Council

Many Pieces. One Mission.

Our community. Our voice. Our future.

We believe local governments are uniquely positioned to meet the needs of Black Kansans.

When the state blocks communities from passing their own laws, it can hurt the health and well-being of our families, friends and neighbors. 


What is preemption?
Consider it legislative overreach. Preemption is a tactic, like voter suppression and gerrymandering that’s often used to take power away from groups traditionally left out of decision making. 

For example, it could look like the state legislature taking control away from local school boards to decide what your kids are learning. It could also look like the state legislature undermining a city council’s decision to pass a local ordinance that protects our communities right to live free of discrimination.


Why is preemption important?

Preemption is not a good or a bad thing, but “abusive preemption” would be considered the misuse and abuse of power, and that can be harmful especially when it limits the ability of local elected bodies. 


Why is local control a good thing? 

It allows for innovation, problem solving and the ability for all of us to work together with local elected officials on the priorities and policies that meet our needs. 

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Black Justice
Social Determinants
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Education Curriculum

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