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Your Guide to Voting in Kansas

Welcome to the Kansas Black Leadership Council's #BlackVotesMatterKS landing page! We are committed to empowering Black voters in Kansas by providing you with all the information you need to exercise your right to vote effectively. Your vote matters, and we're here to make sure your voice is heard.


Important Dates

Mark Your Calendar! Don't miss out on any key dates related to the election process:


Tuesday, Oct. 15: Deadline to register to vote or update your voter registration information

Wednesday, Oct. 16: First day of advance voting

Tuesday, Oct. 29: Last day to apply for an advance voting by mail ballot

Monday, Nov 4: In-person advance voting ends at noon

Tuesday, Nov 5: General Municipal Election Day

Help Us Spread the Word

Join the Movement!


We've teamed up with Kansas Influencer and Content Creator, Big Cam I Am, and Another Satisfying Racial Moment to help us to spread the message of the importance of voting!


Connect with us and stay engaged with the #BlackVotesMatterKS movement:

  • Follow us on Social Media: Find us on Facebook and Instagram to stay updated.

  • Donate: Support our mission to empower Black voters in Kansas by making a donation today.


Your voice matters, and together, we can make a difference in our community. Let's exercise our vote and create positive change for our future!

Meet the Candidates

Know Your Options!

  • Candidate Websites: Visit the official websites of the candidates to learn more about their backgrounds and stances on important issues.

  • Local News Sources: Stay informed about the candidates and their platforms by reading articles in your local newspapers or watching local news broadcasts.

  • Kansas Secretary of State's Candidate Listings: Access the Kansas Secretary of State's Candidate Listings to see who's running for various positions. Type in your registration information and then click on your sample ballot.

  • It's important to make an informed decision when you vote. Get to know the candidates running for office in your area:

Find Your Voting Polls

Locate Your Polling Place!

On Election Day, you'll need to know where to cast your vote. Use the following resources to find your polling place:

  • Kansas Voter View: Visit Kansas Voter View and enter your information to locate your polling place.

  • County Election Office: Contact your County Election Office for information about your polling place, hours, and accessibility.

On the Blog...

Register to Vote

Your Vote Starts Here!

Before you can cast your ballot, you need to be registered to vote. It's a simple process, and we're here to help you through it.

Disclaimer: This information is provided by the Kansas Black Leadership Council for informational purposes only. Please verify all details with official sources and consult with local election officials for the most up-to-date information on voting in Kansas.

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